Global Citizenship Program

lusiniSara Lusini, Ph.D.

Head of Global Citizenship Program

Specialization: Linguistics

Bio: Dr. Sara Lusini holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Linguistics from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice (Italy), and a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Leiden University. Her research interests include syntactic theory, linguistic typology, experimental phonetics, sociolinguistics, dialects and cultural identity, and the relationship between language, culture, and communication. She is currently the Head of the Global Citizenship Program at Webster Leiden.


bernsteinFanny S. Bernstein, M.A.

Specialization: Basic and Business Dutch, French and Spanish, Writing Skills & Communication, Legal Translations

Bio: Fanny S. Bernstein, B.A., sworn translator. The instructor studied languages (French and Spanish) at the interpreters’ school in Brussels. For several years, she lived and worked in Israel and France, where she taught Dutch, English, French, and Spanish to business people and diplomats. She is currently a freelance consultant, translator/interpreter, and language trainer.


deboerJelle de Boer, Ph.D.

Specialization: Philosophy

Bio: Jelle de Boer is a lecturer at Delft University of Technology. He has studied geology, economics (M.A.), and philosophy (Ph.D.). His research in recent years has focused on questions concerning human cooperation and well-being. He is editor-in-chief of Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte, a Dutch journal of philosophy. He has published in journals such as Economics and Philosophy, Biology and Philosophy, and Philosophical Psychology. He co-edited the book Well-Being in Contemporary Society, Springer, 2014.


kirkAllison Kirk, Ph.D.

Specialization: Academic Writing, Theoretical and Historical Linguistics

Bio: Dr. Allison Kirk is a Canadian historical linguist, language editor, and  teacher She obtained her Ph.D. in theoretical linguistics from Leiden University in 2012, where she focused on word order and information structure in the Koine Greek of the New Testament. She completed her M.A. at Concordia University, Montreal, with the dissertation, A syntactic account of split DPs in Herodotus, and her B.A. in Linguistics and classical languages (with honors) at the University of Alberta.

In addition to teaching WRIT 1010 and co-ordinating the Writing Center at Webster, Dr. Kirk teaches in the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication (English) at Utrecht University. Her research interests are the structure of relative clauses (and other subordinate clauses) and the origins of syntactic embedding.


lannVanessa Lann, M.A.

Specialization: Music Composition

Bio: Vanessa Lann studied Musicology, Piano Performance, and Composition at Harvard University, in addition to Physics and Film Theory.  She later received her Master's Degree in Music Composition from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. She is an internationally-recognized, prize-winning composer, and many of her works are known for the complex mathematical principles which govern their structures. Her music has been performed in concert halls throughout the world, including Lincoln Center (New York) and The Concertgebouw (Amsterdam).  She has been commissioned to create works for such distinguished ensembles as the Radio Chamber Orchestra of The Netherlands and the Orchestra De Volharding, as well as for soloists including Tomoko Mukaiyama, Guy Livingston, Ivo Janssen, Harry Sparnaay, Annelie de Man, and Eleonore Pameijer. She was the subject of a Dutch television documentary in 1997, which focused on her music and on the compact disc recording of her work for the large ensemble, Dancing to an Orange Drummer. Six other CDs feature Lann's music, which are published by Donemus, Amsterdam. 



mohebbiMehran Mohebbi, M.Sc.

Specialization: Bionanoscience         

Bio: Mehran Mohebbi is currently a PhD candidate at the department of bionanoscience at Delft University of Technology. He began his higher education at West Virginia University, studying mechanical and aerospace engineering, and physics. At TU Delft, the focus of his research is to understand, from the point of view of physics, how temperature affects living processes such as cell division.


roosCarlos Roos, M.A.

Specialization: Philosophy

Bio: Carlos Roos is a scholar in the fields of art theory and communication studies, as well as a practicing artist with international experience in studio and stage projects. He holds a B.A. in Art from Universidad Central de  Venezuela  (VE)  and  an  M.A.  in  Philosophy  of  Art  from  Leiden  University  (NL). His current  doctoral research (Leiden University and UGent) revolves around critical theory, metaphysics, and aesthetics. Roos is the editorial assistant of Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication, and a member  of  the  following  scholarly  associations:  European  Communication  Research  and  Education Association (ECREA), European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS).


marijnvantveerMarijn van't Veer, Ph.D.

 Specialization: Phonology and Dutch

 Bio: After studying Spanish at the University of Amsterdam for one year, the instructor continued his Bachelor's degree in Linguistics, for which he received his MA in 2008 and his PhD in 2015, both from Leiden University. He has taught at Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam. In addition, he works as a private language instructor, as a museum instructor and as a photographer.