Undergraduate Tuition 2019 - 2020

Tuition fees for Undergraduate programs depend on whether application is for full or part-time study. 

Full-time undergraduate students for Fall and Spring Semesters:
€8,100 flat fee per semester. This fee includes a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 18 credit hours (flat fee). Textbooks/e-books for each course are included.

Part-time undergraduate students/ for the Summer term:
€500 per credit hour/ €1,500 per 3-credit hour course, does not include textbooks/e-books.

A student is defined as full-time if registered for a minimum of 4 courses (12 U.S. credit hours) and a maximum of 6 courses (18 U.S. credit hours) per semester. Students who require a residence permit to study in the Netherlands must be full-time degree-seeking students.

 A student is considered part-time if he or she registers for fewer than 4 courses per semester.

Webster University has two 16-week semesters per year: FALL (includes the 8-week Fall 1 term and the 8-week Fall 2 terms) and SPRING (includes the 8-week Spring 1 term and the 8-week Spring 2 term). Webster University also offers one 8-week Summer term.

Textbooks (and/or e-books) are included in the flat fee tuition fee. This flat fee does not cover the following: exceptional costs such as lab fees (100 EUR) or field trips expenses, and accessories such as notebooks, pencils, etc. Please note that availability of textbooks and/or e-books at the beginning of the semester/term depends on advance registration. The late registration fee is 100 EUR. Also please note that a one-time Graduation Petition Fee (125 EUR) is charged separately to graduating students.

A normal study load for a full-time student consists of 4 courses per semester plus 2 Summer courses. Students are expected to commit up to 40 hours per week (in and out of class) for the duration of the semester.