What are the entry requirements?

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I don’t attend a US High School, what does a 2.5 GPA mean for me?

All students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA over the 4.0 American scale. Below are some general GPA conversions from various educational curriculums.


*These equivalencies should be used as broad guidelines, subject to formal evaluation

How much does it cost to attend Webster University Leiden?

Undergraduate Tuition 2016 – 2017
On average, 128 credit hours are required to complete an undergraduate degree program. Most courses are 3 credit hours each. Fall and Spring Semesters 2016 – 2017
Full-time undergraduate students €8,000 flat fee per semester. This fee includes a minimum of 12 up to a maximum of 18 credit hours. Textbooks / e-books for each course are included. Part-time undergraduate students / Summer term €485 per credit hour/ €1,455 per 3-credit hour course, does not include textbooks/ e-books.
See more at: http://www.webster.nl/become-a-student/tuition-fees/#sthash.uarV16BO.dpuf


Please note that books for graduate courses are included in the tuition fee.

Graduate Tuition 2016 – 2017

Students are billed for each individual course in which they register. Rates per course are the same for full-time or part-time study.

Please note that books for graduate courses are included in the tuition fee.

Total fee : Graduate programs

   Graduate – MBA  €    29.600
   Graduate- Management & Leadership   €    29.600
   Graduate – 1 Yr MBA   €    25.000
   Graduate – Cybersecurity   €    32.000
   Graduate – MA in Psychology with emphasis in Counseling Psychology  €    28.320
   Graduate –  International relations  €    21.240
   Graduate- New Media Production  €    21.240
  • Prices quoted for Academic year 2016/ 2017 and subject to change
  • Costs are the same for EU and non EU students

    How long will it take to graduate with a bachelor’s degree?

    A bachelor’s degree consists of 128 US credits. Most students will take four years to complete their undergraduate degree. However, Webster may award up to 32 credits of advanced standing for a variety of international curriculums including A levels, IB, AP, VWO, Abitur, and French BAC.

    How long will it take to graduate with a Master’s degree?

    Full-time Master students take two courses per term while part-time students take one course. Duration of the programs is listed below.


Are there application deadlines?

Undergraduate start dates

Term name

Start date

Application Deadline

Summer 2015

May 18


Fall 2015

August 24


Spring 2016

Jan 11


Graduate start dates

Term name

Start date

Application Deadline


Spring II 2015

March 16

February 16


Summer 2015

May 18

April 18


Fall I 2015

August 24

July 24


Important Note: Students who need a Visa need to apply minimum 3 months before their intended start date! Also, we have rolling deadlines, so the earlier you apply the better!               

When do classes start?

Do I need to take an English proficiency test? If so, what are the minimum scores?

  • If you have had 3 consecutive years of English curriculum/ instruction you may not be required to take a TOEFL/ IELTS exam.
  • The minimum required scores are:


    TOEFL: 80/ 550
    IELTS: 6


    TOEFL: 90/ 575
    IELTS: 6.5

Can I study Part time?

Non EU students are only permitted to study on a full time basis. EU students have the flexibility to choose full or part time study. Part time study is up to 3 courses per semester for undergraduate and 1 course per term for graduate level.

What scholarships can I apply for?

Once accepted into Webster University you may qualify for some of our scholarships.


Scholars Program
Work Study

Work Study

Can I apply for an NFP (Nuffic) scholarship?

Yes! You can, and are encouraged to, start completing all necessary documents to apply for both acceptance to Webster University and for consideration for the NFP Fellowship. This application process can take up to 2 months after the selection deadline. An adequate level of English proficiency is required in order to be considered for acceptance into a graduate program at Webster University. Students applying for the NFP Fellowship must provide a TOEFL or IELTs score in order to be considered. A requirement of the NFP Fellowship is that you are currently employed, your employer is willing to sponsor you and pay a percentage of your salary when you are pursuing your graduate program. For more information regarding these conditions, please visit the NFP Fellowship web-page. The Dutch mission (Embassy, consulate, etc.) may place importance or target specific initiatives in your country that is related to being granted the Fellowship. It is advisable that you contact the Dutch embassy or consulate directly and inquire about whether your current function is applicable to this mission.

Can I apply for financial aid?

USA students can apply for federal aid via FAFSA
Undergraduate Dutch citizens can apply for studiefinanciering if enrolled in the IBMS or ABSS programs (WU is a private university and as such studiefinanciering will not cover the entire tuition costs).

What Happens to my application once I have paid the €40 application fee?

If you have paid the application fee through bank transfer please contact us and we will submit your application on your behalf. If you have paid the fee via credit card you will be able to submit the application yourself straight away. Please note that you should only apply to one Webster campus as acceptance into one campus makes you eligible for all Webster University locations.