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University Counselor: Dr. (Beth) Elisabeth Leembruggen-Kallberg

Office hours Fall 2016: Tuesday at 10.00-12.00 & 13.00-16.00 and Thursday at 12.00-14.00 & 15.00-18.00 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of issues can be discussed in counseling?
Issues range from difficulty concentrating to serious depression but no problem is too small. Common concerns include:

  • adjusting to college life
  • test anxiety
  • drug/alcohol abuse
  • sexuality issues
  • eating disorders
  • depression
  • time management
  • international students adjusting to a new culture and language
  • balancing demands of school, home, dating and relationships, and work
  • family issues
  • roommate issues

Do I have to be crazy to go to counseling?
No. Counseling offers an opportunity for people to regain balance in their life and to explore issues that are interfering with their ability to succeed.

If I go to counseling does that mean that I am weak?
No. Counselors can provide emotional support during difficult and stressful periods in a person's life. We all face challenges that we are not necessarily equipped to handle. In counseling you may learn new skills and knowledge that help you deal more effectively with life's challenges. You may also take time to examine and change behavior patterns that no longer work well for you. The counselor can be an objective person that helps you make positive, healthy changes for yourself and your life.

Will the counselor fix all my problems?
Counselors do not fix your problems. The counselor does not take responsibility for creating change or making decisions for you. That’s your responsibility. Counselors provide information and support to help you develop & grow. Clients have specific responsibilities such as keeping scheduled appointments and helping establish mutually agreed goals.

How much does counseling cost?
Webster University Counseling services are free to students. To provide the best service, we limit the number of sessions to 6 per academic semester. Thereafter, the counsellor will help you find off campus resources.

Can I get medication?
The Counselor cannot prescribe medications. We can refer you to a psychiatrist off-campus if necessary.

How long does counseling take?
Each session lasts 50 minutes. The first session is an assessment session. The following 5 sessions are available to you depending on the concerns you have. You may only need one session. Or you may use the 5 remaining sessions depending on your circumstances, issues, etc.

Other questions?
Contact the Webster Counseling Center or Call Reception on +31 (0)71 516 8000 who will refer your call to the counseling office.


Meet our Counselor

Dr. (Beth) Elisabeth Leembruggen-Kallberg

Dr Elisabeth Leembruggen was an exchange scholar at the University of Tübingen, Germany, in Culture & Religion and is ABD (All but the Dissertation) in Religion & Kulturwissenschaft (Science of Culture). Specific to the course of Anthropology, Dr Leembruggen studied with Professor Dr Anne Feldhaus in India and Arizona State University, USA; and other faculty at Tübingen University (Eberhard Karls Universität), Germany. She holds a doctorate from Boston University, writing a psychological dissertation on cross cultural adaptation and identity development (Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 57(9-A), Mar, 1997. pp. 3811); an Honors MA in Counseling, Post Graduate studies in Counseling Psychology from the University of Maryland; an MA in Theology/Religious Studies and further education in Adlerian psychology at the University of Malta.
Her research and publications with Springer, Erlbaum and Peter Lang publishers focus on cross cultural adaptation and identity; peace psychology, religious coping and post-traumatic stress, as well as issues in international family violence and abuse. She has presented at the German Psychologists of Religion, The Netherlands Research School of Women’s Studies, The Eastern Psychological Association, Washington, DC and The American Counseling Association-European Branch. Before moving to the Netherlands, Dr Leembruggen taught in the Master’s program at National Louis University, Heidelberg & the undergraduate program at the City Colleges of Chicago-Europe, Wiesbaden, Germany. She is director of Dr Elisabeth Leembruggen Consulting: Counseling and Education Services in the Netherlands.