Learning Support Center

Managing academic demands can be a challenging and stressful experience for many students. The Learning Support Center provides specialized support to the entire undergraduate and graduate students’ learning process. Students experiencing academic difficulties, learning disabilities and/or relevant disorders that interfere with their ability to learn may request one-on-one meetings with the Learning Support Specialist to help them achieve their full potential in their academic career.

What does Learning Support Services include?

  • Accommodating students with approved learning disabilities
  • Teaching effective studying strategies
  • Preparing for an exam, a presentation, and note taking in class
  • Time management and organization training
  • Priority setting
  • Promoting self-monitoring and autonomous learning

Webster University’s Learning Support Center is dedicated to supporting individual learning needs. Send an email to learningsupport@webster.nl to make an appointment or walk in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 09.00 and  17.00! 

Exam Proctoring for students with Learning Disabilities

Webster Student Services and the Learning Support Center offer free of charge out-of-Class Proctoring Appointments for students with Learning Disabilities.

Students' Responsibilities

  • To contact the instructor for approval to test outside class or to notify the instructor that the student has the right to test in a distraction-reduced environment as part of his/her academic accommodations for a disability.
  • To make an appointment for an out-of-class proctoring at least 2 weeks prior to the midterm or final period by filling out the form below.
  • To then notify the instructor, of the date and time by which the test needs to arrive at the Student Services. (We will also go through the department to notify the instructor once an appointment has been made, if we do not already have the test in our possession.)
  • To arrive on time for the testing appointment. 
  • Please fill out the required form.

Meet our Learning Support Specialist

Ms. Eleftheria Loizou

Eleftheria Loizou was born and raised in Greece and moved to the Netherlands in 2012. She received her Bachelor from the University of Athens with a major in Education and a minor in Psychology.  Later on, she continued her studies and earned a second Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the same university. During her studies, Eleftheria worked with children with autism, Down syndrome and blindness. At the same time, she specialized in Special Education, Clinical Psychopathology and Psychological Assessment. In 2014, she acquired her Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Leiden University. Working as learning support assistant and special education teacher, Eleftheria has gained experience with students with special educational needs, e.g. learning difficulties and social emotional difficulties, as well as developmental disabilities such as intellectual disability and autism. At the moment, Eleftheria continues to grow professionally, focusing her interest on special education and inclusion.