Student Government Association

Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization created by students for students. It is a voluntary group of enthusiastic and involved students who work together to help build a stronger community and promote an active student life. Their goal is to make university life as pleasant and fun as possible for their peers. They help their fellow students to have a voice at the university, support their academic and personal development, support their creative ideas and visions, integrate them into the community through regular events, and create an environment of equality among students. SGA is comprised of students from various clubs of Webster Leiden. Please look at the Student Associations Flow Chart and Policies.

Every academic year, the SGA President is elected by the Webster Students. Projects of the Leiden SGA include organizing the student events calendar, organizing clubs and societies as well as events such as BBQs, ping pong tournaments, Webster welcome parties, the annual Graduation Party, and many more.