BA Psychology

Program Description

The study of psychology can be extremely useful for a variety of situations. Whether you plan to go in for higher studies and eventual research, or try your hand at a corporate career, an undergraduate degree in psychology always comes in handy. The BA in Psychology that we offer at Webster is designed to build a strong foundation of understanding, interpreting, analyzing and applying the study of psychology in different contexts. Here, the emphasis is not just on concepts and theories. We also ensure that students become well-versed in the practical aspects, by understanding and applying this delicate area of study to real life scenarios.

In this program, students get to develop a superior and more in-depth understanding of the complexities and diversity of human behavior and behavioral patterns. Students also get to learn about theories and concepts of psychology behind most of these behavioral elements. The program uses both scientific approach and philosophical approach towards understanding psychology. Both theoretical concepts, and experimental data are taken into account during the study. Students are also encouraged to develop and apply problem-solving aptitude, and clear communication, as an aid to expand their knowledge horizons.

Learning Outcomes

After completing our undergraduate degree in psychology, students will be able to:

  • Understand, describe, and explain in detail, the various attributes of psychology, such as concepts, theories, perspectives, trends, and empirical findings.
  • Apply analysis and research methodologies towards the field of psychology. They will do so by building skills in key areas like controlled research design, analysis, and interpretation of data.
  • Internalize and implement skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and questioning theories and behaviors. They will also know about the scientific approach towards problem-solving within psychology.
  • Understand and discuss in detail a number of phenomena like diversity, inequality, individuality and multiculturalism in a relevant and positive manner. This will be applicable both to their own countries and in an international context.
  • Apply psychological understanding, principles, and education, to their own fields of work. This will be carried out while approaching personal, social, or organization-wide issues.

Career Prospects

Completing an undergraduate degree in psychology equips you to add value in multiple industries. It also helps to broaden your scope of skills for suitable employment. While there are excellent opportunities in the field of Human Resources management and training, you can also find rewarding career opportunities in other fields. These include education, teaching, public affairs, social services, and mental health facilities. Apart from these, your education in psychology also greatly improves your appeal as an employee in other core industry areas. This is driven by a better understanding, communication, reading, comprehension, writing, and analytical skills during the course of your study. Last, but certainly not the least, you can also opt to pursue further studies in the field of psychology and eventually get into research or teaching at a post-graduate level.

With so many exciting options and for a subject so delicate and comprehensive, our undergraduate course in psychology can be a great option for both, people who just want to gain knowledge, or those working towards a successful career.

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